Wednesday night I signed up for something that a few years ago, I never would’ve imagined doing.  A half marathon. Yep, I’m committed now. Did anyone else know marathons were so expensive? I had to pay $65 to probably almost kill myself.

I’m just kidding, I think it will feel really good! (hopefully) I’ll feel so accomplished just to finish because before this semester, I had never run more than 4 miles. I thought that was my limit. But since coming to college, so many of my friends are runners and have run halves or full marathons before.  So this is really peer pressure at it’s best, I guess!

It’s called the Dismal Swamp Stomp and it’s in Chesapeake, VA, on April 16. My sweet friend and housemate Becca told me about it! She and several people she knows had already decided to do it. So two of my other friends/housemates, Emily and Melissa, and I have decided to join her. It’s supposed to be a completely flat “spectacular wilderness journey through lush, mysterious landscape and rich history.”  That sounds a lot better than a dismal swamp stomp, don’t you think?

About a month ago I ran 5 miles for the first time. The next week I ran a little more than 5. Then the next week I really surprised myself by going 9!  I had Melissa with me for 6 of them, so that probably kept me from going completely crazy. Tomorrow morning I think I’m going to try for 10 and Becca is trying to go 9 with me. I’ll keep you posted on the training every now and then. And of course can’t forget to mention I’m throwing a little P90X in there every now and then. Only Ab Ripper X so far. I know, so hardcore.