I’m in a math class in the journalism school this semester.

Ok, so it’s not actually a math class if it’s in the journalism school. But it does fulfill the “quantitative intensive” requirement, one of the two general education math requirements. The quantitative intensive math is the easier of the two. The class is advertising/public relations research, and it’s required for the public relations major. It meets the math requirement because it involves statistics in research. You might be surprised to know advertising and public relations firms actually do know how to and do conduct research. (Although I hope I don’t have to!)

I haven’t done math since high school, so even though most of our math so far has been done on Excel, it’s been a little rough. We have an exam on Wednesday, and of course, no calculators or computers. That’s actually good because that means the math can’t be too hard…but hard is a relative term!  I thought what was said while reviewing in class today would be funny to someone majoring in anything that involves some math.

We were doing an example problem that involved division and multiplication, things like 0.6 x 0.5 and 0.4/0.6.  One girl asked if the math on the exam might be a little easier to do mentally than the example.

Joe Bob (professor): “I really can’t make it any easier than that…so no, it won’t be any easier than what we just did.”

Girl: “Ok, well you know, we’re all journalism majors here….”

Joe Bob: “You’re also all students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You should be able to divide 4 by 6.”

Wish I could say I think that’s easy…I guess I’m just a stereotypical journalism student.