Have you ever thought about how different our personalities are?  Do you tend to assume we’re all relatively similar, or do you easily notice differences among others?  (That sounded like a Myers-Briggs question!)

I err on the side of distinguishing differences between people.  I get really excited when someone is similar to me…when they like or dislike the same thing, think the same way, etc. And I don’t really feel a connection with someone until I see that.

Yesterday I was thinking, we probably differ so much more in our everyday lives from those around us than we realize…

Some people need a lot of interaction with others to feel energized and refreshed//Some people feel drained from that and need to have time alone to re-energize.

When some people have a question, they immediately ask anyone right next to them or whoever might know the answer//Some people try to figure out the answer on their own and only ask as a last resort.

Some people talk to their significant other on the phone all throughout the day//Others people don’t even text them and only communicate in person.

Some people are very aware of order and cleanliness//Some people could walk by a pile of dishes in the sink for three days and not even notice.

Some people are easily bothered by annoying sounds//Others might not even notice an alarm going off for a full minute.

Some people have no problem raising their hand in class to say the first thought that comes to mind//Some people get nervous just reading out loud.

Some people feel an inherent obligation to do anything asked of them//Others easily say no to anything optional or inconvenient.

Some people’s moods are completely dependent on the weather…rainy = depressed; sunny = happy! //Others’ dispositions are determined by how they feel about their agenda for the day.

Sometimes this makes me wonder how we can get anything done with others so different from ourselves!  But it also makes being similar to others special. I think that’s part of how we choose our friends and our mates.

This makes me think of the line in “Hey Soul Sister” by Train: “I knew that we collided, you’re the one I have decided, is one of my kind…”  (love that song!)

I think it would be fun to hear if you think any of these things describes you or me 🙂  And if you have any of your own ideas to add to the list, I’d love to hear them.