Ok, so clearly I’ve been absent for a long time.  Way too long in my opinion.  But, in my defense, this has probably been the busiest month of the school year.  And some of the things taking up my time are just not fun things to blog or read about!  So I was trying to spare us both.  Here’s a hopefully not-too-boring rundown of the things that have been taking up so much of my time this past month.


My allergies got so bad I finally went to the doctor, and at that point I thought I was sick with something on top of the allergies – like bronchitis or walking pneumonia.  The doctor said she thought it was allergic asthma!  I left with 2 inhalers, but I’ve never had asthma in the past.  Trying to get that figured out with long visits at campus health and trying several medicines has been frustrating.  Not feeling up to train for the half-marathon has definitely set me back on that…I’m still trying to figure out whether I will still do it.

Job search

This has mostly consisted of waiting and praying and fighting off anxious thoughts about how things will work out.  But it’s definitely required a lot of work on my part, too.  Over spring break my friend Crystal and I went to Charleston, where I met with an editor at Charleston Magazine about an internship I’ve been pursuing since the fall.  I was very excited about the potential internship after the interview, and eventually she sent me some information to do some writing samples for her.  Tuesday I found out they are offering me the internship!  I was so happy to hear that.

I was also super excited to get a call on Monday from a PR firm in Raleigh that I applied to in February.  I had been expecting a call from them every day for probably 2 weeks. They asked me to come in for an interview, so I’ll be doing that this Friday! Once I hear back from them, I’ll be able to make my decision.

Before I heard anything from those 2 places, I got a random call from J. Crew!  They wanted me to come in for an interview.  I applied there in January hoping to work there this past semester, but they told me they probably wouldn’t need anyone until the spring.  Both of the internships I’ve applied to are unpaid and part-time, so I’ve been planning on getting a paid, part-time job as well.  I’ve wanted to work at J. Crew for probably 2 years now, so I was so excited to hear from them.  I interviewed there last Friday and it went really well – I’m waiting to get the “official offer” from them.

I had no idea how much work the job search would be until this semester.  Emails, phone calls, resume editing, cover letter writing, background research, portfolio editing, interview preparation…the list goes on.  It’s been hard to take time away from schoolwork to put effort into pursuing jobs, but as the summer has gotten closer I’ve definitely felt the pressure and am now finding it hard to concentrate on schoolwork because I’m thinking so much about the summer.  The Lord has used this experience to teach me how seek His guidance in a more real way than I ever have before.  He has shown me how I can have peace during the period of the unknown – instead of constantly worrying – by resting in His absolute control and perfect knowledge.


Typical schoolwork – exams, papers, projects, assignments.  I’ve had a little of each…just enough to keep the work consistently coming. The big things I have left before finals are a 10-page paper (POLI 101) and a group project (PR case studies).  As soon as I’m done with those things it will be time to start studying for finals!  This semester has flown by.

Turning 21!

I had a great birthday two weeks ago.  My boyfriend Jon turned 22 the day before me, so we had a lot of fun things to do that week, including a concert for one of our favorite bands (Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors!) Then we had a joint birthday party at his house at the end of the week. It was fun to have both of our groups of friends together at one time.

Student Venture

This is the high school ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  I’ve been involved since freshman year, and we’re working with Jordan High School in Durham.  I’m leading a Bible study of a few high school girls with my friend Alyssa, and we’re always trying to think of ways to bring in new girls to the study.  As a ministry we’re always trying to figure out how we can reach out to more students and get the Student Venture name out there so that more students will want to be involved.

You can read more about the national organization here: http://studentventure.com/

So, do you excuse my absence?  My sister Hanley better say yes because she’s been quite absent from her blog as well!  Which you should totally read, by the way.  You can find it on my list of blogs on the right side of this page.  It’s called H&M: Part Two.  Browse through their past year of posts to read about how they decided to move for Korea for a year and the adventures they’ve had since then!