I ran 10 miles this past Saturday without dying (obviously), which was my test to determine whether I should do the half marathon this weekend.  So it’s on!  We leave Friday afternoon for Virginia and will be up bright and early to start at 8 a.m.  My group of friends will stay at Becca’s boyfriend’s aunt’s house in Chesapeake  I’m taking it easy this week and am going to run just 1 more time tomorrow before the race.

In other exciting news…

I found out yesterday that I got the internship with French/West/Vaughan! That’s the PR firm in Raleigh I got a call from last week.  My interview went well last Friday, but I didn’t feel like I had any indication one way or the other.  I was expecting to have to wait one to two weeks for an answer, so I was really surprised when it took only two days!

Their office is very cool and modern and is right in downtown Raleigh.  Take a look at their redesigned website here: http://www.fwv-us.com/  You can see some pictures of the office and a list of some of their clients.

I’ll post my final summer plans when it all gets finalized!

In non-exciting news, I’m in the middle of writing my 10-page POLI paper and cannot wait to finish that, hopefully by tomorrow or Friday.  I registered for classes for probably the last time yesterday!  Sort-of bittersweet, but mostly just sweet.  Getting the classes you want and need is a notorious problem in the J-school here, so for the first time I actually got all the classes I need!  Granted, that was only 3 classes, but it was still a record for me.