Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom!!  Today she turns…oh wait, she probably wouldn’t want me to say that 🙂 This year was the first Mother’s Day and birthday for her that I wasn’t at home with her. So sorry mom, but I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and celebrate!

And a week and a half ago my dad had a big birthday! You can guess which one that was. Happy Birthday dad!

I just have a question for you guys – are you ready to be empty nesters?? This is a huge milestone. Everyone deals with this in different ways, you know. Sometimes people throw themselves into new projects and hobbies, moms go back to work and marriages improve more than ever. Some people get really bored and unmotivated, resort to pestering their kids with constant communication and cry every time they see their kids’ empty bedrooms. (Okay, just kidding about that last part, probably.) What will  you do??

You’ve already said bye to two of us, so do you think this time will be a lot harder? (Well I know I was the hardest, but don’t tell Ellie.)

Anyway, happy birthday to you both! I love you!