Congratulations to my boyfriend Jon because today he completes a year’s worth of work through his co-op program!  He started working full time at Tekelec ( spring semester of last year and stayed for the summer, then took a break to take classes in the fall.  This semester was his last one and today is his last day! He’s majoring in electrical engineering, so Tekelec has something to do with that. Just kidding, I know they develop software and hardware for telecommunications systems and Jon worked on building/designing devices in the hardware department. Sorry I can’t do much better than that!!

This semester was really difficult at Tekelec because the company made a lot of changes in management and also decided to gradually phase out the hardware department and instead buy these parts from outside providers. So Jon has had to watch the majority of the employees in his department anticipate being laid off and then recently leave. It was sad to see so many people go and also hard to realize that Tekelec would not be able to offer him a full-time job after graduation (because that’s what happens with most co-op programs).  This also meant he would probably not be able to stay on for the summer, and so the search for a summer job began earlier this semester. And…

Congratulations to him again because yesterday he got his official offer from Advanced Energy ( for a summer internship there! Just hopping from one job to the next, apparently! He gets one week off, next week, and then he starts at Advanced Energy the next Monday. Honestly all I know about this job is that he’s working in the transportation department on the charging stations for electric cars. If you want to know more, maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll comment with more info!?

He was actually offered a part-time job at Tekelec for the summer because so many people in the department have left that they could really use his help to finish up on some of the last projects. He’s glad to be moving on to a more positive environment, though, where there will be more potential for future opportunities!

Want to see what he looks like?  This is the way he looks at the incredibly competitive and unresponsive job market….

So intense! Oh yeah, and this title is in Spanish for no reason other than that Jon likes to pretend he’s fluent. 🙂