Because I live with so many great girls, I thought it would be fun to write a post about my housemates. You can get a little glimpse of life at the Glendie (our house) by putting a name and a face to each girl. For now, I’m just going to write about the girls living here this summer. Two of our original girls (Hilary and Melissa) are gone for the summer, so we have guest subletters in their places. One will be staying with us next year, and we’ll also be adding a new girl (Paige)! I’ll do a post on those girls next year, but right now we have…..


Becca is from Browns Summit (outside Greensboro). She’s a true country girl at heart, being the niece of the NC Commissioner of Agriculture, Steve Troxler. Last year she brought us lots of fresh produce from home. One time she brought home more sweet potatoes than I’d ever seen and I think she knew about 100 different ways to cook them! Word has it that a few little piggies are the latest addition to the Troxler family. But don’t let her farming roots confuse you – Becca was Miss Teen NC in high school! I haven’t heard any details about that, though. You would never believe that for any reason other than her gorgeous looks – she’s anything but a drama queen.

Becca is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Entrepreneurship. She’s very involved in service and has a heart for cross-cultural missions. She helped lead a very large Bible study of freshman girls through Campus Crusade for Christ this past year and also partnered with a Chinese exchange student in grad school to help her practice speaking English. Before going to Haiti over spring break, Becca hosted a party at our house to raise money for the Apparent Project, a nonprofit that employs Haitians by helping them create and sell jewelry. She’s doing an internship this summer with refugees (mostly from Burmah), and she recently hosted a “Global Housewarming Party” at our house to raise money and awareness for international refugees in the area. Becca’s generous heart for service is such an encouragement to me and all those around her.

I’m actually eternally indebted to Becca because she’s the reason I met Jon! Becca’s older sister was very involved with Young Life when she went to State. Last summer she introduced Becca to a guy from her YL team, James, and they soon started dating. James and another teammate, Jason, opened the door to many single, YL guys at state – my boyfriend Jon being one of them! Becca has a definite talent for matchmaking, as she also set up Melissa with her boyfriend, Travis! To add to all these skills, Becca is a wonderful chef, always whipping up something tasty, and is an avid runner.


Emily is from Winston Salem, and is the only original housemate I’ve been friends with since freshman year. Emily lived next door to me in the best dorm at Carolina (Kenan), and we became fast friends when we both started going to the Campus Crusade Bible study for our community. She gets the credit for finding the Glendie during our sophomore year, and I get the credit for convincing her we should sign the contract to live there before we had any other girls to live with us! We then manipulated three girls from our Bible study at the time (Becca, Hilary, and Melissa) into living with us (just kidding!)

Em and I went through the rush process together freshman year – then decided nevermind –  reconsidered sophomore year, and then looked back and were so happy with where our decisions had brought us instead. We survived countless Top of Lenoir meals together, awkward interactions during Student Venture’s beginning phase, the many strange girls who lived in Kenan, the brutal 3-hour-long News Writing class, and a semester apart while Emily was frolicking in Florence with Hilary, Becca, and Melissa.

Emily is double-majoring in Reporting and Art History (I think – this has changed many times!) Her main passion, though, is photography. She’s dreamed of a career as a photographer for a while now, especially in the wedding industry. Last week she realized her career was taking off sooner than she imagined with her first two bridal client requests! One look at Emily’s room would tell you she’s a photographer, art lover and world traveler. Pictures of friends, famous artists’ work, and photos of Africa, Italy, Paris – and pretty much all of Europe – fill her walls and scrapbook pages to the brim.

Em is working as the personal assistant for the founder of Southern Weddings Magazine and as a photographer for Kaleidoscope, a student-run fashion magazine on campus. She seems to always have a side-job of pictures for some friend going on, and we count on her to have her fancy camera in tow at all times. She also keeps up a blog, listed on my sidebar over there – All of this experience and the long hours I’ve seen her put toward her goals give me full confidence she’s going to be an amazing, independent photographer in the not-too far future!

Emily led a girls’ freshman Bible study through Campus Crusade with Hilary this past year. These girls, plus Becca’s Bible study, made for many freshman-girl dinners, sleepovers and pancake breakfasts at the Glendie last year!


Kryssi is one of the original girls of the Glendie. It was my job to find a 6th roommate when everyone else went to Italy spring semester of our sophomore year. We still desperately needed one or two girls to fill the “attached apartment” at the end of the house, or we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Through God’s providence, Kryssi saw an ad Emily had put online. I had already met with a few other potential girls that semester, but nothing had worked out. I was really excited when I heard about Kryssi because she was the first girl who actually seemed excited about potentially living with us! So I met with her in person, and my first impression of her was that she was super outgoing and really sweet. I was so relieved to finally find a good outcome to that situation!

Kryssi is from Raleigh and she’s a year older than the rest of us. So after she finishes her last class this summer, she’s done and is moving on! She’s majoring in Chemistry and is very involved with Alpha Chi Sigma, the chemistry fraternity on campus. She’s actually president of the fraternity, and has spent so much of her time this past year giving to those in her fraternity. Kryssi has also been involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship for the past couple years.

We’re so grateful to have found Kryssi last year, and wish her the best next year! I know her positive attitude will be a blessing wherever she goes.


Alli is one of our summer housemates, living in Hilary’s room while Hilary is doing  summer project with Campus Crusade in Branson, MO. Alli is from New Jersey, and I actually met her my sophomore year through Paige, who will be with us in the fall. Alli was Paige’s RA in Alderman, the dorm next to Kenan.

Alli has the perfect personality for an RA – outgoing, personable, friendly and encouraging! She’s quick to engage in conversation with new people and has been so pleasant to live with. She’s contributing lots of healthy food and vegetables to our fridge this summer with her decision to go vegetarian.  She’s been successful as far as I know, which is really impressive to me.

Alli is majoring in Biology and is working in a lab on campus this summer doing research in that department. (AKA – she’s really smart!)  We’ll be sad to see Alli go in the fall, but I’m sure she’ll be over to visit next year!


Shannon is another one of our summer subletters, living in Melissa’s room while Melissa works with dolphins in Hawaii! But Shannon is actually staying in the fall and taking Kryssi’s room in August.

Shannon is from Huntersville, and I’ve known her since freshman year through our Crusade Bible study. Shannon didn’t live in Kenan with me and Emily, but she lived in another community on North Campus that was combined with ours.

Shannon is majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences and is planning on going to grad school to get her master’s in speech pathology. I think Shannon embodies the image of what UNC portrays as the ultimate Carolina student – she’s on the Honor Court, is the editor for a campus magazine, Blue & White (, is obsessed with Carolina basketball, loves exploring new places in Chapel Hill/Carrboro and also keeps up with a blog (…whew!

Shannon also likes cooking, running, playing games and having friends over!

I’m sure there are several facts I’ve gotten wrong, so I apologize in advance. I’ll probably be correcting lots of things, but I hope you enjoyed reading about my awesome housemates! Bios on Melissa, Hilary and Paige to come in the fall!!