None of the ones I told you about, ah! After a lot of thought, we decided to look at another venue that we didn’t have time to look at initially. It resolves several problems we were running into with the venue we were most seriously considering, and after looking at it on Friday when a wedding was just ending and Saturday morning when everything was cleaned up, we decided to book it! It’s called Alexander Homestead, and it’s in Charlotte, about ten minutes from downtown. It is an old house circa 1903, but renovated in 2008, I think. There is a very new dairy barn in the backyard where the reception will be held. They have only been doing weddings there for about six months, so they seem flexible with what brides want to do with the space. Not to mention they are building an additional “atrium” room onto the barn that will be done in about two months!

Our date is 8-10-12! Jon’s mom was the first to mention that day would be a cool date with those numbers, and it turned out that day works well for us, too. And most importantly, it was still available! I’m excited for the next things to fall into place now that the two biggest things have been decided!