A little over a month ago, Jon and I finalized our bridal party list and I made little cards to ask my sisters and friends if they would be my maids of honor/bridesmaids/honorary bridesmaids! With lots of help from my mom, we made all 11 (!) of them when Jon and I went to Charlotte for a night to look at our reception venue.

I got this idea from a bride who posted her idea on weddingbee.com. It’s very simple. (Only a lot of work when you do so many!) I happened to have some great fabric from last summer when I made curtains for my room and recovered this cute little antique chair I had just gotten:

I started by cutting out dress shapes from some watercolor paper I had (cardstock would work just as well). I also cut out the dress shapes from the fabric, and then hot glued them to the cardstock. I finished the dresses by tying some ribbon around the waists:

I bought a set of alphabet stamps and dark purple ink from Michael’s. I stamped each girl’s name onto the watercolor paper and cut out a rounded rectangle around the names:

I got a big pad of colored cardstock paper and cut out card-sized rectangles from the different colors. On the inside of each card, I put a different color rectangle where I wrote each girl a little note. Then I stamped “will you be my bridesmaid?” on the other side:

I put the dresses and names on the front, and that was it!

These pictures don’t show all the cards, but my two maids of honor are my sisters Ellie and Hanley, who is technically my matron of honor 🙂 I have six other bridesmaids: Caitlin and Annie, who I’ve been friends with since elementary school; Olivia and Crystal, who I’ve been friends with since high school; Emily, my current housemate and photographer friend who took the great pictures in my previous post; and Ashley, my future sister-in-law!

I also asked three girls to be my honorary bridesmaids: Mary Frances, who I’ve known since I was in the womb, Jordan, my friend at Carolina since freshman year, and Melissa, one of my current housemates.

I’m so blessed to have so many great friends and have them all be a part of my wedding. I’m looking forward to spending time with them together during all the wedding festivities!