A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was in the process of looking for a part-time nannying job. Since then I found a great family and yesterday I finished my second week of working for them…and I LOVE it!! It’s just one child, and she is only three months old. I found several potential options through care.com, which I highly recommend for finding a babysitting job or for finding a sitter if you’re looking long-term. It gives you a bunch of options in your area and the ability to see details of their experience…or, if you’re looking for a job, details about the family and what the parents are looking for.

I thought taking care of an infant would be a little boring, although I was happy about having downtime to do work for my internship and my own wedding planning, etc. However, I was very wrong! It’s definitely not boring, and I don’t have much downtime at all! Between feeding her every hour-and-a-half to two hours, figuring out whether she’s tired enough for a nap and putting her down to sleep when she is, changing diapers, having tummy time (to develop those little muscles!), entertaining her and being captivated by how ridiculously cute she is…there isn’t much time for much else! There is of course some down time when she sleeps, but sometimes this isn’t for more than 30 minutes. I think she usually sleeps for longer at a time when she’s with her grandmother and her parents, so maybe I am just so interesting she wants to stay awake for me! (?) Her mom told me she’s been falling asleep right on cue about ten minutes after she gets home each evening, so I think I should try getting her to sleep a little more during the day…then she can stay awake longer for momma too!

Anyway, about how cute she is – this is not an overstatement. She smiles more than any baby I’ve seen, at completely random moments sometimes (which is even funnier) and makes many other grown-up facial expressions as well!

I’m so glad to have this experience caring for an infant…I’m becoming much more aware of how busy moms are when their kids are young, and I can’t even imagine having a toddler in the house at the same time right now! I’m also getting lots of experience for my nephew-to-be who will be coming any day now! I’ve learned how to swaddle, empty the diaper genie, clean bottles, use the BOB stroller…(car seat coming soon). The only bad thing is…I’m going to get so attached to her and it’s going to be so hard to leave when I have to! I can’t think of any better job, though, and I’m so blessed to have found this family. I work for them Mondays and Tuesdays all day and half the day Wednesdays.

Speaking of when I will have to leave, we’ve recently gotten a bit of information from Eaton about potential job locations, so an update on that will hopefully be coming soon!