Ohhh, registering. This was the one thing I was really excited about doing and not at all stressed about whenever I thought about it…until we started doing it.

Not that all the other planning is really stressful, but it’s at least a little overwhelming because I have to decide on one thing and there are always so many options! I was thinking about registering like strolling through a store when you’re shopping and picking out things you like. No. Believe it or not, people will buy you things from that list! So you have to decide what you really want! Which means endless decisions about the one thing you want in the midst of a million options. This is not good for me. In my roommate’s fiance’s words, I have analysis paralysis 🙂

Thankfully I didn’t think too long or hard about where to register, and we just jumped in, starting with Macy’s about a month or so ago. We were probably there for two – three hours and put a grand total of 10 things on our list. It was not very successful. Here’s a picture from that day. It’s from Jon’s phone, so it’s not the best…

That was from the beginning of that trip…I didn’t know what I was in for!

Then, a few weeks later we went to Crate & Barrel. That was much more successful. Mostly, I think, because they didn’t have so many options to choose from! It’s much easier to choose a whisk when you have only two options, not six! We felt like we put so many things on our list, but sadly, we had less than 40 things when we were done. And we still hadn’t even scratched the surface on bed and bath stuff.

Which leads me to…Bed Bath & Beyond. OH MY…it is so “beyond.” To all engaged couples – don’t schedule anything else the day you register here!! This was actually not even on my original list of places; I was going to do Target instead. But so many people told us we needed to do it that I finally gave in! I’ve never been a huge fan of the store, with so many random “as seen on TV” gadgets and a lot of unattractive bedding options, in my opinion…but they have a great return policy (pretty much no rules) and you can always find a coupon for that store. So I’m glad we did it. BUT I am embarrassed to say…we spent a total of six hours in that store!! Pretty much every groom’s nightmare, I’m sure! Poor Jon.

I knew it would be long, but I was not expecting that. I totally lost track of time. We did take a break at one point and sat in Jon’s car because we weren’t hungry enough for dinner and just wanted to sit down! All we had gotten through at that point was kitchen stuff. I said we’d be able to finish the rest in an hour. And I literally thought one hour went by from the time we went back in until the time we were gone. It was actually two-and-a-half hours and the store had closed!! Which meant it was 9:30 p.m. and we hadn’t eaten dinner! We ended up going to Wendy’s which we never do because nothing else was open. 😦

Let me just say…part of the problem was that we registered for everything we had already done – dinnerware and kitchen appliances and gadgets – again at Bed Bath & Beyond just in case not many people go to the other places. So we basically did everything over again, and then everything we hadn’t done yet…which was a lot. But I’m glad we did it…

Another part of the problem is that they have floor to ceiling rooms of everything you can think of…which means wayyy too many options! “Should we get a standing cheese grater with four sides or six? Or just a smaller one-sided one? What about a cheese plane as well? Should we get a cooking utensil set, or separately do a serving spoon, ladle, pierced spoon, spatula”…blah blah blah! I was at the point where I really, really wanted to just not care about these little decisions, but then I would remember that I don’t want to return a million things after the wedding, so I wanted to put things I really want. Such a dilemma. Note to grooms: you should be really opinionated on the days you’re registering to help make decisions faster!

On Monday I went onto our Macy’s registry and saw that the dinnerware we registered for is being discontinued! That’s actually it in the picture up there. If we took that off, we would have had about five things left, so I just decided to delete the whole thing. And start a new registry, at Pottery Barn of course, which I’ve wanted to do all along! Now that I am excited about. I can find bedding I love and lots of decor items that would be fun if we get, but not a big deal if we don’t.

So far I’ve only done things online at Pottery Barn, which is a lot more comfortable than walking around for hours on end! I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up making an Anthropologie wishlist too…actually I’m sure of that – I’ve already told Jon a bunch of things I didn’t want to register for at BB&B because I want to get cute ones from Anthro instead!

I think it will be fun from here on out now because I know the essentials are mostly taken care of, and we don’t have to have any more day-long registry trips! Hallelujah!

Do you have any bad registry stories? Tips? What would be your #1 place to register if you did it over again? Or what will it be if you haven’t done it yet?