This past weekend I went to the Southern Weddings yard sale, hosted at Editor-in-Chief Lara Casey’s home in Chapel Hill! Her garage was full of previously-used wedding things, like little colored glass votive containers, Chinese lanterns, chargers, yards of fabric, and so much more. I went with one of my engaged friends, Caroline, who is getting married next summer!

We found a box full of styrofoam blocks covered in burlap, which I love!

Lara told me she used them as food platters at a wedding she planned. I ended up buying all 30 or so of them because I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet. That will be more than enough for one per table, if I use them as part of the table arrangements. They would be great for pinning things on, like the dinner menu at the table, or the escort cards at the entry somewhere. Caroline might also want to reuse them after me for her wedding!

I also bought several Chinese lanterns in my colors, which…have I even said what my colors are yet? I have kind-of hated that question so far in the planning process. Maybe it’s because I haven’t dreamed about my wedding in all pink and green, or turquoise and buttercup yellow since I was five, I’m not sure…I’m just not the kind of person that wants everything to be one of two or three colors. Also, committing to just two colors was too big of a decision for me to make from the start! Everyone seemed to think I should have that nailed down right away for some reason. Anyway, what I have been visualizing as my colors are peach (more of a light pink-ish peach than orange-y) and seafoam…a light blue-ish green. And I finally see that starting to materialize with my bouquet, which I’m super excited about! Here is one of my inspiration photos I pulled from Pinterest (of course!).

There will be succulents!! More on that later. My bridesmaids’ dresses are a very pale, neutral pink, which isn’t one of my two colors, so there will be a mix of shades and some elements of other colors as well. Also more on the bridesmaids’ dresses later!

Anyway, I bought some Chinese lanterns to potentially hang in the barn somewhere or outside in the gazebo. I got them in cream, a peach, and a light blue-ish gray. I realized when I got home and talked to my roommate Emily (who interned at SW last year and came back from the yard sale with lots of new home decor for us!) that I didn’t get the metal things that go inside to hold the lanterns open! I don’t think those were being sold with the lanterns, but maybe I just missed it. Hopefully I can find them online or somewhere else if we do end up wanting to use them.

I left with some extra burlap as well, in case I need any more to do something with. Southern Weddings went crazy with burlap last week, as their most recent Ultimate Southern Challenge round called for burlap DIY ideas. Here and here are two of my favorite entries!