Jon and I have been working on groomsmen attire recently, so I thought I would share an update on that and show you what our bridesmaid dresses will look like! I’m too excited to keep them a secret!

I decided on the bridesmaid dresses back in January and said that they are pale pink Alfred Sung dresses. We will have six different styles, though! I let the girls choose which style they want to wear out of 15 or so different styles I liked, and here they are!

The only difference is only two of my girls actually have brown hair, haha! All the rest are blonde. You know what one of my favorite things about these dresses is? They all have pockets! I’m so jealous. That was something I said I wanted on my dress, but alas – mine doesn’t come with them. This is almost as good, though 🙂

The order went in on March 1 or a few days after, and are expected to get in at the end of May. I can’t wait to see them on everyone together!

I’m not asking the girls to all wear the same shoes – a dress is expensive enough to buy! I’m just going to ask them to wear cream, nude or gold heels, or some shade in between.

Now for the boys…Jon and I bought all the guys’ suits at once about a month ago, kind-of spur of the moment! We were just going to look at Jos. A. Bank and I was planning on looking at some other places before we decided where to get them. We had already decided on navy suits, and there actually weren’t many options for solid navy at Jos. A. Bank. Jon felt good about the one we were looking at, and after a while the salesman helping us started talking about what he could do for a group discount. We knew Jos. A. Bank always does some kind of “buy one, get two free” type of sale, but that still didn’t seem like it would give us a price close enough to what Jon and some of his friends have paid recently for suits. In the end I felt like we bargained with the salesman because he went up on the group discount like three times before we agreed!

Originally we thought we would pick out a suit and have the guys go get them on their own, but the point of a group rate is, of course, to buy them as a group, and there is no way we could ever get all 11 of them (dads included) into a store at the same time! So we sat in the back of the store and called all the guys right then to get their sizes while the nice salesman searched for what they had in the store at the moment and ordered the rest. Not sure how different suits can look, but here it is!

Just ignore the tie. Not as exciting as six different dresses, I know. It was really nice that the suits were easy, though, since deciding on bridesmaid dresses was SO hard for me! I was so happy to have this done in one trip. Now the guys just have to pay Jon, get their suits from him, and have their pants hemmed. Wonder how long that will take??

Next, suspenders! I’m really excited my idea to have the guys wear them has come to fruition. Jon was a little skeptical when I first suggested it, but then every groomsman we asked was excited about it, so he changed his mind! We decided on navy for all the guys:

They are ordered and on their way! We decided to gift the suspenders and the ties to the guys, because on top of buying a suit, that would be asking a lot.

The ties have been the hardest part. I knew I didn’t want them to be pink to match the bridesmaid dresses because pink and navy are not even my colors. But most of the groomsmen are not really the type I can see wearing a peach or sea-foam tie…including Jon…so I didn’t want to make them do that. And I don’t want to introduce a completely different color, either. But! – I think I have it figured out. Jon is a fan of this gingham navy and white option I found, so I’m pretty sure this is what we are going to go with.

It also comes in a bow tie!

We will probably get bow ties and regular ties and have the guys choose which they want. Jon will definitely wear a regular necktie, though. I think I’m settled on this pattern, but I’m not guaranteeing I won’t change my mind about them! We’ll see…

The guys will wear white shirts, and apparently you’re supposed to wear black shoes with navy suits. I had no idea – wearing black and navy together is one of my pet peeves! But apparently it’s what you do for suits, so I guess I’ll be okay with it!

Jon and I are going to Charlotte this weekend for several wedding things – caterer tasting, a meeting with the florist, showing Jon the church (he still hasn’t seen it) and…first dress fitting!! Sort of – it came in last week!! I’m supposed to try it on to inspect it and I will hopefully decide how/if I want to alter the top at all because I’m having the top completely changed from how the designer makes it. More updates coming soon!