I cannot believe we are almost only three months away! We have 99 days to go, according to my timeline on the knot. Time has flown since my last post. Jon and I actually just returned yesterday from our four-day trip to Pittsburgh to go apartment hunting! I’m going to write about that in another post, but I’ll save you the anticipation – we found a place to live!! Hooray!

We’ve been crazy busy with that trip and all the other complicated scheduling of our lives and moving things between now and August! We have made some progress on the checklist I posted last time, though. Here it is:

  • Finish the design on the invitations and get them printed: CHECK! I put Jon to task doing the design with me three weeks ago because our next two weekends were completely full. Since we had the invitations printed ourselves, we were able to play around with the wording, fonts and layout and all that. We did many revisions and test prints before we got them right! We dropped them off to be printed at Kinko’s the day before we left for Pittsburgh, and I picked them up today. They look great!
  • Finalize the guest list and upload it to our website for the RSVP system: Half-check? We did (finally) finalize the guest list. But we haven’t uploaded it to our website yet. I might let Jon take care of that one 😉 And it really isn’t necessary until invitations go out anyway, which won’t be for another three weeks, at least.
  • Figure out how we’re going to address the invitations – printing labels or calligraphy? CHECK! My discipleship leader, Abbey, is going to address them with her calligraphy for me! So glad she is willing to do it!
  • Jon – working on getting the suits to all the groomsmen, getting his suit tailored, and helping the guys figure out tailoring issues: No checks 😦 Once he finishes his exams next Wednesday, I’m sure he will jump on that!
  • Work on finding my shoes and jewelry and picking out a hairstyle and a veil length: One half-check? I haven’t found shoes or jewelry or thought much about my veil since the last time I was at J. Major’s. I did spend some time looking at hairstyles, though, and made a little folder on my computer of pictures I like.
  • Start brainstorming about centerpieces and working on other decor details: Nope.
  • Pick out Jon’s ring: No check.
  • Coordinate working on the song Ellie is going to sing at our wedding: We  figured out that we can’t make much progress on this. We had a couple weeks of wondering if Jon’s friend Alex would even be able to make it to our wedding at all, meaning we might have to find someone else to play guitar. Thankfully he found out a few days ago that he will be able to come! However, it looks like there is no day this summer that he, Ellie and Olivia will be able to get together to practice. Olivia and Alex are leaving soon for summer-long trips. Hopefully we will be able to record them doing their parts and give them the recordings to practice with on their own before the rehearsal!

So that’s it for the previous checklist I made! I also have my checklist on the knot over here, but trust me, you do not want to see that. I currently have 134 to-dos, it says…

I also did do a few other things that weren’t on my list:

  • Found an awesome potential hairstylist/makeup artist who could travel to me on the wedding day! We have been in contact and I am waiting to figure out if any of the times I’m available for a trial run will work for her. I will have to go to her for that, which is about an hour-and-a-half away, so it’s tricky.
  • Put together the rehearsal dinner guest list.
  • Talked with Jon’s mom about some rehearsal dinner invitations we like.
  • Picked out a fine china pattern I like and added it to our registry.
  • Started practicing the first dance song with Jon!

I was busy for the first couple weeks of April writing an entry for an awards submission with my current internship. We entered a wedding from May 2011 in the “best wedding” category for the Triangle’s local ISES chapter. We also entered that same wedding in the overall international awards, the Esprits, yesterday. We should find out about nominations for the Esprits at the beginning of August. Shawn was nominated when she submitted two years ago, but did not win, so we have our fingers crossed!

The week after the submission I nannied all week instead of just the first half, and then that Friday night I had my lingerie shower here in Chapel Hill! Two of my bridesmaids, Emily and Annie, planned it and it was a lot of fun! The next day I shadowed Shawn at a wedding all the way out in Angier (an hour from Chapel Hill).

That same weekend Jon had his bachelor-party weekend. He and some of his groomsmen went camping at a lake near Uhwarrie Point. Unfortunately it rained a lot and was cold 😦

During all of that Jon was also extremely busy with his senior design project, until last week when all the ECE majors had their design day. The last few weeks leading up to that were brutal for his group with hours upon hours working in the lab trying to write code to test the reliability of certain wifi packets…hopefully I got that right!

I can’t forget to mention, that same night Jon and I went to see Ben Rector (my favorite!) and Needtobreathe in Raleigh! And then we actually met Ben Rector afterward and got our picture with him!

Look at them talking right there like total bros, as Jon would say…

The next day, after Jon’s last classes ever (!) we babysat for Lucas while Ashley and Brandon went on their first date since becoming parents! Our birthday present to Ashley was a movie gift certificate to see The Hunger Games and a free night of babysitting. It was great spending time with little Lucas! I tried out their ERGObaby carrier on a walk, and I loved it! So did Lucas – he slept the whole time. Here we are before going outside:

Uncle Jon feeding earlier that afternoon:

The next night we went to the wedding of a couple who has been doing some pre-marital counseling with us. We’ve been going through Tim Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage” with them and a group of married couples at Jon’s church. The next morning we flew out to Pittsburgh!

This Saturday Jon and I are having a wedding shower together, hosted by three of my bridesmaids, Olivia, Caitlin, and Ashley (Jon’s sister). It will be at Ashley’s house in Durham. Caitlin and Olivia designed these SUPER cute invitations for the shower, which is going to be a casual cook-out party:

My parents and Jon’s parents will both be coming up for it, and we’re so excited to celebrate with everyone!

Moving forward, the next most important things on my list are:

  • Book a hairstylist/makeup artist for the day-of and schedule my trial run. Which means I also must narrow it down to two-three hairstyles to try!
  • Figure out my hair and makeup for bridal portraits (May 31!)
  • Find my shoes! Must have them for my dress fitting May 16!
  • Get recordings of Alex and Olivia playing the song before they leave for the summer.
  • Assemble the invitations and get them in the mail.
  • Get the rest of the groomsmen’s suits to them.
  • Get Jon’s suit tailored before he leaves for Pittsburgh.
  • Buy Jon’s shirt and shoes before he leaves.
  • Complete another packet of marriage-counseling material and meet with our pastor before Jon leaves.

We have a little over a month to do these things, so not too much pressure. However, this next week Jon has his last three finals ever, and then we both have our graduations that weekend! The next week we go to Charlotte for my two dress fittings and to take a flight with Olivia (she has her pilot’s license)! I gave Jon a flight with her for his birthday present, so we will do that when we’re there, and then Jon will go to one of his groomsmen’s bachelor-party weekend trips at the lake. I’ll stay at home to get more wedding things done…more to come! 🙂