I’m so excited about my portraits that were taken last Thursday on campus at UNC! It was really hot, but not too sunny or cloudy, and there wasn’t even a chance of rain. My mom was able to come help me with everything, and Elisa and Tres, our photographers (inContrast Images) were so helpful with keeping my dress from getting dirty and thinking of great places for pictures!

Earlier that day I went to Lewisville for my hair and makeup trial run, which conveniently served as my hair and makeup for the portraits as well! I showed Jennifer my first idea for hair as I mentioned in my last post – a hairstyle that she had actually done on a model for a photo shoot with Southern Weddings. She was confident it would work well on me, and because I was on a tight schedule with my portraits later that day, we ended up not trying the other style. She did my makeup right afterward, similar to the model in the photos as well, and I couldn’t believe two hours had passed so quickly when she was done! I brought my own hair flower, which is kind-of special because I got it while studying abroad in Spain two summers ago. I loved the overall look when she was done.

My mom met me at Jennifer’s house, so we both drove to Chapel Hill afterward. After a late lunch at Foster’s, we went to my house to start getting ready. I had a couple options for bouquets to decide about – all were actually fake flowers I had gotten at Michael’s that morning! Since my florist is in Charlotte, getting a bouquet from her wouldn’t have worked, and I didn’t want to deal with getting real flowers in Chapel Hill and trying to keep them fresh on my own. I ended up using three large peonies, two pink and one ivory, because peonies will be in my real bouquet as well.

If you remember my earring dilemma from my last post, I chose to wear my sister’s round sparkly studs, but I’m going to keep searching for something bigger for the wedding day. After 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to tie my sash in a pretty bow (the ladies at the dress store had always done it for me) my mom and I finally got it looking right!

We met Elisa and Tres at the Old Well, and began our tour around north campus for pictures. If you don’t know Chapel Hill’s campus, this won’t mean much to you (and in that case you should probably make a trip to see the pretty place!) We started in the Upper Quad behind the Old Well, and then went into the arboretum. We found some spots on a bench, in front of a big oak tree, on a little path, and then – my favorite – in front of an iron gate that opens up to Raleigh Street.

Since we were so close to Kenan (the dorm I lived in freshman and sophomore year), I asked if we could take some pictures on Kenan’s porch, and I’m so glad I did! We did some in a rocking chair and then on the big steps leading up to Kenan. Next we stopped in the arboretum again on our way back, but this time in the covered walkway on Cameron. There was an opening into a little patio area I had never noticed before! Each time we stopped to take pictures it was a big ordeal, spreading out a sheet for me to stand or sit on, and then tucking it in everywhere so it couldn’t be seen in the pictures.

On our way back to the Old Well, we stopped at the car so I could put on my veil. Maintenance men were fixing the well when we got there, so we went over to South Building while they finished. We did some on the stairs of South Building, and then on the path leading up to it with the Lower Quad behind me. My mom and I were having déjà vu from a few weekends before when my housemates and I did graduation pictures in the exact same places!

While taking a bunch in front of the Old Well, a man driving an old VW van stopped, rolled down his window and said, “It’s not every day you see a beautiful bride in front of the Old Well…and you have your iPhone with you!” Then he proceeded to take pictures of me for at least a full minute! That was pretty bold of him with four people just staring, waiting for him to stop and drive away…super awkward. Elisa actually started taking pictures of him doing it, which I thought was hilarious. The Old Well was our last stop, and by the time we were done it was past 8 p.m., meaning we took pictures for two hours straight!

I should have the photos in 2-4 weeks, but of course I’m not going to post any before the wedding 🙂 Thanks Mom for coming and helping with everything!