It’s been a whirlwind since my last post! I’m thankful to say we successfully moved Jon into our apartment in Pittsburgh, and he is now settled and working at Eaton! Before we moved our things up to Pittsburgh, we moved me and everything I need for the summer to my parents’ house in Charlotte. And before that, we had our bittersweet last week in Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh.

My week began with my last three days nannying for Nia, who I took care of this past semester. I was so sad to say bye to little Nia! I’ve never enjoyed a job so much; she was such a delight. I’ll have to save talking about her for another post, though. Jon and I also both got some good quality time with little Lucas, Ashley and Brandon those days, as Jon was staying at Ashley and Brandon’s and took care of Lucas one day. We had a couple playdates together with Nia and Lucas!

On Thursday we made our last trip to Raleigh for a while. First we picked up my wedding band, which I’m so excited about!! I’ll also have to do a separate post about the experience we’ve had with our custom jeweler. They have been awesome! After that we  visited Jon’s house in Raleigh for truly the last time, though he had already moved out. He got to see his roommates, and then later that night we had our last pre-marital counseling session with our pastor and discussed the order of our ceremony.

On Friday night Nia’s parents took Jon and I out to dinner, which was really fun and just made me more sad to leave them all! Saturday morning my parents arrived to move me out of the Glendie. I had several pieces of my sister’s furniture in our house, so we ended up with another full U-Haul. We met Jon’s parents for lunch after that, and then we were off to Charlotte.

After two days of gradually unpacking all of my things at home, we began to pack up Jon’s car with wedding presents we had gotten since sending our stuff to Asheville for the movers to get. When we left to drive to Pittsburgh Tuesday morning, we had a packed car! It was a little less than an eight-hour drive, which I was not excited about, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. As soon as we got to Coraopolis we went to our apartment complex to sign some papers, get our keys and go inside. Of course there was nothing inside yet, except new carpet, which is nice, except that it feels weird because it hasn’t been vacuumed (and we don’t have a vacuum! oops!)

After dinner we went on a HUGE shopping trip at Sam’s to stock the apartment with all the necessities – paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. We also went to Bed Bath & Beyond to spend some of a gift card we had for the wedding on a much-needed trashcan and shelf liner for the kitchen!

The next morning the movers arrived around 10 (before we had time to get breakfast unfortunately) with a huge truck full our things. They surprisingly moved everything in and into the correct room in just an hour, and even more surprisingly, I didn’t faint from hunger before they were done! We went to get something to eat as soon as they left before we came back to tackle the first boxes.

It was SUCH a process. We started with the kitchen and did a pretty good job setting it up really well – meticulously cutting the shelf liner, unpacking all our dishes and washing them – before we ran out of steam. But then there were all the other rooms we hadn’t even touched…we had no food yet, so that forced us to leave for meals, which was good. I don’t even remember how we did the rest that day or the next or where we stopped to go to sleep that night! There was definitely still just as much to do the second day as the first. We went on another big shopping trip, this time to Target, not to mention another trip to Sam’s and Bed Bath & Beyond, I think. We also went to Giant Eagle (our favorite!) to eat dinner and get Jon some food for the next week. Every now and then we took a break to enjoy the view on our balcony and get out of all the dust inside. I don’t know if it was dust or what, but my allergies were going crazy and making me feel awful. We also took a short break to go to our pool the last day, where we saw a bunch of kids playing. There must be a lot of families around us!

I felt good leaving Jon with the condition the apartment was in because everything was clean and put away for now, and he has pretty much everything he needs to get through the summer. It’s just not decorated AT ALL, so it needs a lot of help in that respect. Our bedroom furniture also isn’t there yet – it’s being delivered this weekend, so everything isn’t exactly where it will stay and is very far from being done! There were moments where I thought I would have to leave him with a lot of work to do on his own the next week, so I’m really glad we were able to get through all the boxes before I left.

Friday morning we headed to the airport to fly to Orlando for one of Jon’s friend’s weddings. Jon was an usher, so we went to the rehearsal dinner Friday night. I went to high school with the bride, and we are both very close to the counselor from our high school (Dawn) so she flew down for the wedding as well, and I shared a hotel room with her that weekend. It was great to spend quality time with Dawn that weekend/ The ceremony was so beautiful and so Christ-centered. I just love going to weddings and sharing in that most special time with friends, so it was a really fun weekend!

Sunday morning we both got up SUPER early, met at the airport and flew to Charlotte together. I waited with Jon until his flight to Pittsburgh was about to board, and then we said goodbye for the next two weeks 😦 It was hard to leave him, knowing he’ll be by himself up there, but his first few days of work have been good, and he likes it so far!

Next I will have to update you on all the wedding planning going on behind the scenes these past couple weeks!