I really don’t know how people have full-time jobs AND plan their weddings at the same time. I guess that’s why some people really do need wedding planners! I for one, can honestly say that if planning my wedding were my actual job, I’ve been working overtime the past two weeks. I don’t know how to explain it, but it eats up so much time. I’m so glad to have somewhat of a break this weekend to go see Jon in Pittsburgh!

I’ve had lots of meetings in the past few weeks….the day before we drove to Pittsburgh Jon and I finally got to meet with our DJ. To me, the personality of the DJ really matters because I think that can really make or break the experience at the reception, especially on the dance floor. We’re really glad our DJ has a laid-back personality and is not going to try to be the star of the show at the reception. We left with a list of songs to pick out, for specific things, but besides that we can be as hands-off or on as we want with the song choices. (But let’s be real – do you think I’m gonna be hands-off?)

Last Tuesday I had my final meeting at Alexander Homestead. That was an almost two-hour meeting of talking about almost every detail possible, from the cake-cutting fee to the table setup in the barn. I left with a long list of things to figure out and get back to them about.

The next day I met with my organist for the first time and listened to her play several pieces to decide what songs I want for which parts of the ceremony. I hate pressure to decide things on the spot, and that meeting was one of those times, but it’s probably better that way, or I’d still be debating about whether I should walk into Canon in D or Hornpipe by Handel…

The next day I had an appointment at J.Major’s to figure out how much length I need taken off my dress. My mom also got to learn how to do my bustle and how to best tie my sash all by herself!

Yesterday I met with the wedding director at the church for two hours to discuss all the little details about the ceremony, from whether I want the plants to be taken out of the sanctuary to placement of the bridal party up front to how I want the guests to be dismissed after the ceremony! The details are relentless…(and I am even a detail person!) I left with another list of things to decide and get back to her about.

During all of that I’ve had my final meeting with my florist, you could say, by way of email. Which just means I’ve had to decide about all the things I left up in the air before, like the boutonnieres and corsages and all the decor besides the actual table arrangements.

My deadlines for getting back to my florist and Alexander Homestead were this weekend, so I’ve been trying hard to figure things out in my mind as soon as possible. And I just finished answering all their questions tonight!  I’ve been working on lots of little things on the side as well, like my bridesmaids’ gifts, brainstorming for the ceremony programs and a DIY decor project!

Talk to y’all when I’m back from the ‘burgh!