I’m back to tell about the rest of our honeymoon! In my last post I left off at Wednesday and our dinner in Turtle Cove. Thursday morning we did our usual beach in the morning, lunch in our condo, then back to the beach for the afternoon. We had heard about a catamaran sunset cruise our resort did each week that sounded fun to us, and part of it involved snorkeling. Since I had never snorkeled, we signed up to use one of the resort’s snorkeling masks and tried it out. There wasn’t much to see so close to the shore because we weren’t near a reef or anything. I was worried it wouldn’t work with my contacts in, but since it was okay we decided to sign up for the cruise for the next day.

That evening we took a taxi to a place called Da Conch Shack, which I had read we absolutely HAD to go to while we were there. It was a really casual place right on the beach with live island music. It was really fun! Conch was of course their specialty, and they had tons of conch shells for sale on the beach.

Friday morning we went to the beach like usual. We ate a late lunch in our room – the last of our lunch food. And I got a picture of Jon drying off lettuce so you can see our kitchen, haha!

Then we got ready for the catamaran trip that left around 3:30. This was probably the most fun thing we did that week! We were with about 10 other people and had three native tour guides. First they took us to Iguana Island, the natural habitat of more than 2,000 rock iguanas, which are an endangered species. The island is now a nature reserve, so we had to pay a fee when we got there, which goes toward protecting the iguanas. They iguanas used to seeing people, and our tour guide threw fruit to them every now and then, so many of them were not afraid to come right up to us. It was strange that our tour guide never said anything like “don’t worry – they’re harmless” or how far away we should stay! Since they never said anything like that no one knew if we should be really cautious or not…

After Iguana Island they took us to a coral reef to snorkel. Except they stopped the boat about 200 feet (or yards, I can’t remember!) from the reef and said we would have to swim to it if we wanted to go all the way there. Or we could stay closer to the boat, there just wouldn’t be as much to see. We stayed pretty close to the boat because I didn’t think I could make it there and have the energy to swim around, and then swim back! We saw some pretty fish where we were, and it was cool just to see how far away from the ocean floor we were.

When we got back on the boat they had snacks, rum punch and the local beer, Turks Head for us! They took us to another island with a great beach and let us swim and walk  around for a little bit as the sun was starting to set.

After that it was time to take a long trip home as the sun finished setting! The catamaran had two net-type things right over the water that we could lie out on, as well as places to sit out there and under the roof. It was really pretty and so peaceful sailing back!

When we got back it was a little late to get dressed up and walk or take a taxi somewhere, so we just changed and went to Hemingway’s, the restaurant at our resort.  I got the wonderful shrimp pasta Jon had gotten at our first dinner there!

Saturday morning, on our last full day, we decided to go to the pool for a little bit because it was SO hot. We poured our bottle of sangria we had gotten from the grocery store into a water bottle and brought it to the pool because we still hadn’t drank it yet!

I wanted to go to the Gansevoort because the pictures I had seen made it look like a super fancy resort, and I wanted to see it in person. We already had plans for dinner that night, and I knew it would be a pretty long walk, so we decided to walk there for lunch. It was such a long, hot walk – farther than either of us imagined, and we almost gave up and ate somewhere closer when we kept coming up to resorts that weren’t it. We finally saw it was just one resort away, though, so we kept going and had a really good pizza for lunch! Then we made the not very fun, long walk back to the Sands.

We went to the beach for a little bit after lunch and used the resort’s tandem kayak together. Apparently kayaks are a great way to see things in the water, so I wish we had been closer to a reef because there was nothing but clear water where we were!

We went back to the pool for the rest of the afternoon, and then got ready for yet another walk to get to Regent Village, the area where we had made dinner reservations.  We did some self-timer pics beforehand, of course!

^^ our screened-in porch

From what we saw online, Regent Village looked like a little shopping area, so we planned to get there about 30 minutes before some of the shops closed. The resort the restaurant was connected to looked closed, though, so we had to walk past it and through the next resort, then down a back street to get to the shopping center. By that time it was getting dark and most of the stores looked like they had been closed for a long time. We went in the only place that was open, a little sporting goods store, and Jon had the excitement of a lifetime when he saw an NC State basketball in there! So weird.

We had a really good dinner at the Vix. I had poached and roasted chicken with sweet corn and asparagus and a side of au gratin potatoes. We had strawberry and mango daquiris and Jon got a burger with so many toppings he could only eat half of it!

We took a cab back after dinner since it was dark and is not very safe to walk on the street at night there. We hadn’t gotten dessert the whole week yet (can you believe it?!), so we went to Hemingway’s for a chocolate brownie sundae when we got back – yum!

Sunday morning we packed all our things, checked out, and then hung out in their “hospitality lounge” area for about an hour before having lunch at Hemingway’s. We shared a cab with another family and left at 1:00 to get to the airport two hours before our flight left, as recommended by the flight attendants on our way there. Everyone else did the same thing for all the flights that day, though, and their airport is TINY and has no air conditioning. So our last two hours made us ready to get home, to look on the bright side! We left around 3:30, connected in Charlotte on our way back, and then got back to our apartment in Pitt around 10. We had a nice welcome-home surprised of several boxes of wedding presents at our doorstep!

All-in-all it was a super relaxing, beautiful trip! Sometime right before the trip or during it I realized what a blessing it was that our honeymoon was that specific week and not one week earlier. Everyone else in Jon’s program at Eaton went to a week-long conference in Cleveland during our honeymoon, which thankfully it wasn’t an issue for him to miss. But if our trip had been one week earlier, we would have had to spend the very next week apart. So I’m so thankful the Lord kept it from happening that way!

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about Turks & Caicos!