Hi y’all!

So, I’ve been pretty absent from the blog since the wedding…I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to write about, but no time! I hate that. I hope that will change, but I’m not sure how soon. It’s been quite an adjustment living in a new place, getting used to being married, and starting a new job a little over a month ago!

I got the images of my bridal portraits a few weeks before the wedding, but in all of that craziness I never posted them anywhere, of course! I finally picked out my favorites and put an album on Facebook a couple weeks ago. Going through tons of photos to choose my favorites for Facebook is always so overwhelming to me. But now that I’ve done that, I thought I should share some on here.

My wedding photographers, Elisa & Tres (of inContrast Images) also did my portraits. They were taken at the end of May on campus at my alma mater, UNC-Chapel Hill. I couldn’t be happier I decided to have my portraits done here even though we got married in Charlotte. The weather was perfect, and I now have beautiful pictures of some of my favorite spots on campus! I had one of the photos in front of the Old Well printed on a canvas gallery wrap and displayed at the wedding, and it’s now framed in our living room – the perfect way to make sure Carolina is always pictured in our house divided! 🙂

I had my hair and makeup trial run done the same day so that I could use it for the portraits, which worked out really well. My mom met me for my hair and makeup appointment with Jennifer Ericksen in Lewisville, and then came back to Chapel Hill with me to come with me for the photo shoot!