I’ve never gotten around to posting about any of our weekend happenings since we’ve lived up here, so I thought I would take a few posts to highlight the more exciting ones over the past three-ish months.

All the way back at the beginning of September, on Labor Day weekend, we drove to Philadelphia to visit my sister Hanley, her husbad Michael, and my parents while Hanley and Michael moved into their new apartment! They live not too far from UPenn, where Michael started grad school in the Fall.

Here is their street, Spruce Street!


We went to see the Liberty Bell, but we couldn’t get any good pictures of it because they keep it behind glass walls, and you had to pay to go inside 😦



My parents left Sunday afternoon, so we did some exploring and shopping with Hanley and Michael after they left. We went to City Hall Sunday evening…


There is an awesome Anthropologie only a five minute walk from their apartment…


So of course I had to go! And we sat in this three-way chair while we were there 🙂


A few weekends later we hosted our first little get-together at our apartment. Three couples we’re friends with came over, and I made these crockpot chicken tacos. We played some games and showed off our 3D TV! (I don’t understand this – it came with 3D glasses and there are like 2 or 3 channels you can watch in 3D, which we’ve never done, except for this night!)


October highlights, up next!