At the beginning of October Hanley and Michael came to visit! Our first overnight guests 🙂 They came in on the megabus Friday night! Saturday morning we went to the Strip District, which is a cultural market district near downtown. Because of the proximity of the rivers, it used to be where most of the produce and meat wholesalers were when the shipping industry was big here. Now there are still several produce stands, but it’s mostly specialty shops, other types of vendors with tents set up (especially Steelers apparel!) and restaurants.

Hanley and Michael exploring the outdoor garden area of an awesome eclectic shop in the Strip…


We ate lunch in the Strip and then rode the Duquesne Incline up Mount Washington! It was coooold waiting in line…


Going up!


The view is SO good up there – best in the city. And it was such a pretty day!


That’s Heinz Field (Steelers Stadium) with the bright yellow bleachers.



This area on the right below is “the point,” where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together on either side to form the Ohio River. IMG_1448IMG_1449IMG_1455

Here is where George Washington met with Seneca leader Guyasuta – the sculpture is called “Point of View.” I let their statues kiss me!


We went to Burgatory for the first time with Hanley and Michael Saturday night, where we waited an hour at the bar for take-out! It has been a hoppin’ place ever since it came here. On Sunday we took them to our church here, ate lunch at a brunch place nearby, and then showed them around the famous Giant Eagle Market District…which you’re probably sick of hearing about by now! 🙂

One last picture on our porch before we took them back to the megabus!