The last weekend of October we went to Raleigh for my friend Melissa’s wedding. We were so looking forward to this for a long time. We stayed at Jon’s sister’s house in Durham, and Jon’s parents came for the weekend, too. Jon was able to take two days off of work and call this a business trip because his boss set up a meeting for him with the Eaton people in Raleigh!

We left Thursday morning and drove all day to Durham. After squeezing little Lucas we went to California Pizza Kitchen (which they don’t have up here!) with my friends Emily, Jordan, and Jordan’s husband AJ.


Friday morning Jon went to the Eaton office for a few hours where he met lots of people and even gave a presentation he had prepared! I went to UNC to pick up my kindred spirit, Olivia, and drove around campus for a few minutes before she was out of class. Then we went to Foster’s Market for lunch, where I spent lots of time studying in college, and I have missed so much. Then I got to meet another friend, Annie, for coffee at Caribou that afternoon. It was a great day of seeing people and places I love, and Jon got more quality time with Lucas 🙂


Jon and I went to Melissa and Travis’ rehearsal dinner that night at the Pit in Raleigh, one of Jon’s favorites. The food was sooo good, and of course we got to see lots more friends and catch up! After dinner we met several of Jon’s friends at Raleigh Times, a bar in downtown Raleigh where Jon and his friends were regulars. Okay, that’s probably going too far. Maybe just a couple of them were regulars…

Guess who I got to see Saturday morning?! Little Nia who I nannied for this past spring! She wasn’t even crawling yet when I left her in June, and she had just started walking when we saw her! Ohhh it was so good to see her and her parents!



The State/Carolina football game was on Saturday afternoon, which of course meant my husband was planted on the couch watching that, and Lucas was countering his cheers for the Wolfpack. Notice who looks happy in the picture below?? That’s right, because STATE LOST THIS TIME. Sorry Jon, had to do it.


Saturday evening was Melissa & Travis’s beautiful wedding at The Sutherland Estate & Gardens.


I LOVED Melissa’s dress, and she looked absolutely stunning! I was so thankful we were able to make it down for their wedding so that I could witness Melissa and Travis say their vows and see this long-awaited day unfold, after many talks about it at the Glendie in college 🙂



Sorry for the photos – they are still all from my iPhone at this point 😦

Sunday morning we had to get up and go because we needed the whole day to drive back. We definitely did not want to leave, but again we were so thankful for the unexpected surprise that we were able to make a long weekend out of it!