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Yes, that’s right! Come June we are “headed down South to the land of the Pine,” in the words of one of our favorite songs! (see below) 🙂

This post is a bit anti-climatic, as we found out that we’re moving back to Raleigh a week-and-a-half ago – oops! I was just too excited telling friends and family and getting used to the idea that we finally know for sure where we’re going to blog about it, I guess. If you read my previous post, you know that the decision about where to go was quite the dilemma for us for a little while. But by the time I was writing that post, we had both agreed that Raleigh should be our first choice. And we also knew, though I didn’t say this, that the job in Raleigh was “unofficially” Jon’s if he wanted it. We were kept in suspense for another week-and-a-half, though, being about 90% sure we would get to go to Raleigh, but not counting on it 100% yet. Thank you so much to all our friends and family who were praying fervently for us in this decision! We definitely felt the power of your prayers.

Oh, how glad we are to be going back to the wonderful land of the South! The beautiful state of North Carolina, more specifically…and the magical city of Raleigh, precisely 🙂  Raleigh is a special place for me & Jon because it’s where we met, went on our first few dates, and saw each other about half the time while we were dating. I’m excited to really live there for the first time, as I was only ever visiting while living in Chapel Hill, about 40 minutes away. (And I’m also so happy to be close enough to visit Chapel Hill when I get sick of seeing so much Wolfpack red – gross!) We are really looking forward to going back to the church Jon went to while he was in school, too.

In honor of this nostalgia, below are three awesome Carolina/Raleigh songs. Beware, if you’re from Raleigh, you may feel an extreme urge to dance – meaning shag – when you hear the first one 🙂

With all this talk of leaving, I need to say that we are going to be so sad to leave our friends here when we move, and we’re just trying not thinking about it yet. Pittsburgh will always have a special place in our hearts as our first home for our first year of marriage. How can we ever forget the huge blessing we’ve received this year in the group of godly, young married couples who accepted us into their circle from the beginning and the close-knit church that binds them together? I’m sure we won’t!