Since the beginning of 2013 I’ve been challenging myself to try something new every week for a year. I got the idea from a book called The 52 Weeks: Three Drinks, Two Friends, One Year. Disclaimer: I didn’t actually read this book, so I have no idea if it’s a good read or not. It was featured in my Better Homes and Gardens January 2013 issue as one of three books written by authors who each dedicated a year to trying something new. I liked the idea of stretching myself to do something new, even if very simple, every week.

It isn’t the premise of the book or my intention, but about three months into the year I realized that every one of my new things so far had involved food or drink! And I had no problem with that. It just means my repertoire will be that much bigger at the end of 2013. I’ve instragrammed all but a few of these things using the hashtag #the52weeks, which has been a great way to keep track of the new dishes.

Some recipes have been time-consuming and some have tasted just okay, but for the most part Jon and I have agreed that they’ve been really, really good. This is due in large part to my most-used recipe source, Better Homes and Gardens. Every issue has lots of practical weeknight meals (as well as more involved dishes if you have the time). We also have several staple recipes we found before I started this 52 weeks thing that we keep going back to. You can find most of these on my Pinterest board. My plan is to go back through these photos and feeds and post my favorites here, so stay tuned if you love food or want some new recipes that have been tested for practicality by an inexperienced cook 🙂 First up: two easy meatless pastas, one for the winter and one for the spring!