I’ve been meaning to blog ever since we moved at the beginning of June, but due to the long list of things we’ve been busy with since then (i.e. moving in, starting two new jobs, going to the beach, seeing family, reuniting with friends and getting a puppy!!) it was pushed to the back-burner quite a few times. I did take lots of pictures (not on the real camera, whoops!) of the projects we worked on for our apartment the week after we moved in, though.

First of all, we moved to Raleigh! Moving was quick and relatively painless with all the help we had. We left Pittsburgh on a Friday morning and drove all day. Jon’s parents met us in Raleigh that night, and the next day we got the keys to our apartment. The movers came with all of our things on Sunday, so we spent that whole day supervising the move-in and then unpacking and organizing. Below is my Instagram post from that day of all the chaos in the midst of unpacking!

IMG_2992We also painted our bedroom. Jon, his dad and I did this in a few hours on Saturday before the moving van came the next day. Before & After pictures are below!










We did one wall this darker color (a very bold decision made by me that some people were a little unsure of!) and the other three walls are a lighter shade of the same color. If the corner line of the wall looks crooked to you, it really is! So strange. I promise we didn’t paint it like that!

Next we made an upholstered headboard! This was a really big, challenging project, but we are so, so happy with the final result! And I just need to say, there is no way we could’ve done it without Jon’s parents’ help! Besides Jon’s dad’s building expertise, just having lots of hands to help was essential at times. After moving in on Sunday, we spent the whole day and late into the evening Monday going shopping for supplies and coming up with a design/construction plan (with helpful info gathered from a couple blogs), building it and covering it. I have lots of step-by-step photos so maybe I will find the time to do an instructional post on this, but for now here are my first and final photos:



My mom and I made curtain valances and (she!) made a pillow for our bedroom. When Jon’s parents left, she came to stay with us for a few days to help me organize and do these projects for our bedroom. A room is not really complete, at least in my mind, without something on the windows. I never loved the panels we had in our bedroom in Pittsburgh, so finding something that worked better this time was a top priority. I finally found this fabric that really worked at Joann in Pittsburgh, and because it was special order (expensive!) I was determined to use only one yard of it. I saved on fabric by using a secondary fabric to add several inches of length to the valances. We also put plain white fabric on the back of the pillow instead of covering both sides in it.

The valances were completely no-sew – we just used Stitch Witchery and hot glue! Below: mom laying out the two fabrics (with my sister-in-law’s dog in the background, haha).


We added trim to the valances to tie the two fabrics together and layered them over our waffle-weave cream panels on a double curtain rod.


I love that we have more color on our bed now with this little lumbar pillow. The sewing machine was required for the pillow, but my mom did it all because I don’t know a thing about sewing! Need to work on that…thanks, mom!


After a lot of indecision about what piece of furniture to use or buy to put our TV on, I decided to repaint the dresser we had been using in our guest room (my girly dresser from high school) and use it as a TV stand (plus still use it for winter clothes storage!) Before:


& After:


Jon drilled holes for wires in the back of the second drawer which now holds the xbox, our Time Capsule, modem and a power strip. When cords are hidden I am so much happier!!

Let’s see…our new Pottery Barn sofa was also delivered this week! The slipcover was surprisingly so easy to put on. Yes, it’s white – well, cream – and no, I’m not crazy. So far so good!


I’ve still been pretty good about trying one new recipe each week for my #52weeks deal, so hopefully I’ll get some time soon to post more of those soon, and of course some puppy pictures!! Until then, though… 🙂