Dear Murphy,

You’re the cutest, sweetest puppy ever. This Monday you’ll be 12 weeks old, meaning we’ll have had you home with us for a month now! We kind-of can’t wait until you’re 4 months old and have had all your shots so we can take you out to more places, but we also don’t want you to get big too fast! You’ve already grown so much in just one month. Here’s what you looked like when we picked you out at 6 weeks:



Two weeks later, we came to take you home with us! You were pretty good for your first long car ride!

IMG_3357 IMG_3361

The same day we brought you home daddy’s extended family was in town, so you met 12 new people, including a baby, plus two new dogs all at once!! We were so impressed with how well you did! You were so sweet to everyone, and even though the other dogs didn’t want to play with you, you kept following them around trying to be their friends! Here you are sleeping with daddy’s cousin Kyre:


We brought you back over to Aunt Ashley’s the next day, and you fell asleep in your crate:


Your cousin Lucas thought the crate looked like the right size for him, too, so he climbed in with you!


He tried to copy you by lying down to sleep, too. The only problem was he couldn’t remember that he was too tall to stand up in the crate, so he bumped his head every time he wanted to get out :/


The next week you did one of my favorite things ever when I was changing clothes after work! Every time I open this drawer you want to put your front paws on it and see what’s inside 🙂


You also like to see if you can fit in some odd, small places:


Sometimes you just freeze or sleep in funny positions like this:


Later that week at Aunt Ashley’s you were barking too much inside so I took you out to the front porch swing with me.


We only had you for a week at this point, and look how much bigger you already look!


Your second week with us we took you to the vet. You were so good! The vet told us we could feed you a little more at each meal, which we knew you would be REALLY happy about. You LOVE food and it was taking you less than 30 seconds to eat your meals!

You also met our friend Joel this week (who just got engaged last night, by the way!). Joel has lots of experience with puppies, so we talked to him about your behavior problems. Yes, you have lots of what are called “undesirable behaviors.” You don’t like to go on walks. You don’t mind going outside to go to the bathroom, but when we try to get you to actually go on a walk, you usually sit down or stand still and won’t move! You also want to eat every single thing on the ground outside! Bark, grass, bugs, rocks, trash – anything. The bigger the better. You haven’t picked up on the “drop it” command yet, so we’re constantly prying your mouth open and pulling things out. This could be why you don’t like going on walks, or maybe you just hate being on a leash??

You also like to nip or bite us when we’re playing with you. You don’t mean to hurt us, but your teeth are really sharp! Your nails are sharp too, so you’ve given us both lots of ugly scratches on our legs 😦 We’re working on teaching you that your teeth hurt us and not to jump up. Here you are giving Joel lots of kisses:


And here he is talking to you about your bad behavior:


You weren’t a huge fan of your first bath, but after several attempts on your part to make a run for it, I fed you treats to keep you in the tub, and I think that made it okay!


You actually let me use the blow-dryer on you for a little bit after your bath! Here you are afterward looking at me thinking “what in the world did you just do to me??”


This is how you always look when you’re waiting expectantly for a treat. You’re pretty good at the “sit” command…most of the time.


You LOVE rawhides! Silly me waited a week to give you the rawhide your aunt Ellie had gotten you. It kept you distracted for a solid hour and a half!! Which immediately made me realize I’ll be buying a lot of rawhides in the near future, as it’s pretty hard to get anything done at home when you’re out and about!


This is by far your favorite place to lie down and take a nap! We think it’s because the bottom of the fridge is cool and with all your fur, and you’re probably pretty hot most of the time. Is this also why you want to go inside so quickly when we take you outside?? We’re really stumped by that one.


Then your great-grandmother sent you a card! (birthday is crossed out with arrival to K&J instead!) You were very confused as to why I wanted you to sit here with this card on the floor and not touch it.


You got to meet my friend Melissa a couple weeks ago, and she thought you were just the cutest thing ever!


Last week daddy was out of town all week and I had a very trying week with you! You met your grandmother (nanna, nan-nan, mimi?? she still can’t decide what to be called!), and she helped me take care of you for half of it, but for some reason you were on your worst behavior that week! I sent daddy this picture to show him how you had grown just in the few days he had been gone…look how long your legs are!


I accidentally got you a rawhide very inferior to the one aunt Ellie got you, and all the flavor was gone in about 20 minutes, so you’re not very interested in it anymore 😦


Daddy is still waking up to take you out once in the middle of the night, but we’ve pushed the time back to 5 hours now, so we might be able to stop doing that soon. You’re also good at being in your crate when we’re gone, but it’s still sad to me to put you in there so often. As soon as you stop trying to chew everything within reach you won’t have to go in your crate when we’re gone!

Tonight you get to meet your aunt Ellie for the first time! We’re gonna keep taking lots of pictures so we never forget you looking this cute!